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Waterjet Technology
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Roden Company carries out its activities in the development, production and supply of waterjet equipment in the following areas:

  • the production and supply of standard waterjet equipment;
  • the production and supply of the individual devices that extend the functionality and degree of automation of the equipment such as waterjet production of our company (including previous generations) and their adaptation to the equipment of other producers;
  • working out, production and delivery to the customer "turnkey" specialized waterjet equipment, focused on solving specific technological problems;
  • modernization and capital repair of waterjet equipment of the production of our company as well as of other producers.

Waterjet complex of the type КГА 2-Р-2500

Waterjet complex of the type КГА 2-Р-2500

The Basic Technical Characteristics of the Waterjet Complex of the Type КГА2-Р-2500

Rated operating water pressure, bar 4200,0
Productivity of high-pressure pump, l/min. 3,8
Installed capacity, kW 30,0
The principle of cooling oil-water heat exchanger
Mode of operation of the cooling system automatic
Working stroke of coordinates X Y, mm 2500×1500
Working stroke of coordinate Z, mm 200
Drive type of coordinates X, Y, Z servo
Positioning accuracy, mm 0,15
Traversing speed X Y, m/min. 6,0
Control the CNC
Number of operated coordinates up to 6
Providing with abrasive autonomous system of storage, transportation and precision dosing of abrasive

Additional options:

  • Compensation system of taper cutting
  • The system of maintaining the height of the nozzle above the workpiece surface
  • The system of pre-drilling
  • Abrasive removal system
  • Remote Control

Due to the constant improvement of the equipment, for a more complete and up to date information, please contact the employees of Roden Company.

A set of operational documentation is supplied together with the equipment.

The standard package includes the necessary spare parts and wearing parts for the agreed time resource.

Roden Company makes assembly, installation and commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s at the delivery.

The company grants 12 months guarantee for the delivered equipment. After the guarantee period, Roden Company provides after-sales service.

Our company provides the customer's personnel training in the bases of work and maintenance.