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The continuous expansion of the range of structural metallic and non-metallic materials for industry and construction requires the creation of fundamentally new technologies of dividing cutting of such materials. Nowadays to such technologies rightfully belong cutting process with high-speed jet of water under high pressure (waterjet, waterjet cutting, water jet cutting, cutting with water).

The nomenclature and the list of materials processed with waterjet stream, metals occupy a leading position, and in the assortment of metal-roll sheet metal has been and will remain the most common type of construction materials.

One of the most popular ways of processing of sheet metal figured cutting, including water jet cutting of metal which takes a special place.

More over, hydroabrasive cutting of sheet material excludes or ten times reduces machining (milling and drilling machines, guillotine, disk shears, press brake...), reduces to 20-30% the waste metal, 2-5 times the cost of manufacturing of complex parts, several times shortens the process cycle time. Waterjet cutting has unique advantages over alternative technologies of separating metal cutting.

Roden Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of water-jet cutting (Waterjet cutting machines, waterjet cutting plants), as well as the regional center for the development and application of hydroabrasive technology. The company has implemented complex approach to the customers’ needs in the waterjet cutting: the production and supply of waterjet equipment, service, maintenance supplies, services in waterjet cutting.